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San Diego, Calif. (May 24, 2012) – With nearly 200 attendees and a lineup of renowned speakers and panelists, Trigild’s inaugural Spring Lender Conference – held April 24-25 at the Magnolia Hotel in Dallas – was a resounding success.

Attendees and panelists alike agreed that the event featured compelling speakers, important networking opportunities and timely topics. “Trigild’s initial conference foray into Dallas offered the same high level of professionalism so many of us have come to associate with the words ‘Trigild’ and ‘conference,’" said conference attendee Gary Eisenberg, a partner with Perkins Coie.

Added Mart Martindale, principal of Edge Realty Capital Markets, “Unlike other conferences, Trigild always has all-star quality panelists who really know what they are doing…and the networking is second to none.”

According to Judy Hoffman, chief operating officer of Trigild, the conference was entitled “Preserving Going Concern Value,” and concentrated on issues related to non-performing franchise and commercial loans that include a going concern value. Properties from hotels and restaurants to gas stations often include a retail element and face a host of complex problems requiring special solutions.

Finance and commercial real estate industry leaders convened to take on an array of topics related to the conference theme, including

• Handling specific issues like liquor or gaming licenses, franchise agreements, PIPS and operating shortfalls

• Effective strategies in workouts, receivership, bankruptcy, foreclosure and REO

• Strategies for tackling decisions such as whether to keep a concern open or go dark, should a defaulted borrower stay, should you fund the PIP and keep the flag or re-flag or de-flag

• The most effective disposition strategy for each asset class

Next up is the Trigild Lender Conference this fall Oct. 17-19 at the Omni Hotel in San Diego. For more information, visit www.trigildlenderconference.com.