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In the wake of a more than $100 million dollar Ponzi scheme, Trigild CEO William Hoffman has been appointed receiver for an ATM sale leaseback company.  As receiver, Hoffman has taken charge of all company records, operations and accounts.

“According to the SEC, the company solicited investors, promising their funds would be used to operate and maintain ATMs throughout the country.  Instead the company “sold” and “leased back” tens of thousands of ATMs to the investors that they never owned or operated, and that may have never even existed,” stated Hoffman.  “Our goal is to restore order and efficient operations — and ultimately, to protect the remaining assets and recover as much money as possible for both investors and creditors.”

Hoffman, an attorney, has handled nearly 800 court-appointed fiduciary assignments.  Trigild has served many roles under the court auspices, acting as state or federal receiver, bankruptcy trustee, Chief Restructuring Officer, custodian and administrator.

About Trigild

Headquartered in San Diego with offices throughout the country, Trigild has nearly 40 years of fiduciary expertise and commercial property management.  Its advisory services include receivership, bankruptcy trusteeships and forensic accounting.  The company maintains a staff of attorney, CPAs, paralegals and operational experts from various disciplines. For information, visit www.trigild.com.