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Trigild Deskbook: Guide to Receivership & Foreclosure (6th Edition – E-book)

The Trigild Deskbook is a comprehensive 493-page resource directory for lenders, servicers and attorneys who work with nonperforming commercial loans. Covering all 50 states, it summarizes basic foreclosure and receivership rules and laws.

Highlights include:

  • Basics on how receivership and foreclosure works in each state
  • Plain-language explanations
  • Relevant codes and case laws are referenced for further research
  • Glossary of terms for receivership and foreclosure
  • Highlights of both federal and state receivership and foreclosure principles
    In the latest edition – A Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) section — especially helpful for those who enforce loans secured by operating businesses and other personal property assets, including “straight ahead” commercial real estate lenders.

Who should buy this book?

Lenders who deal with real property and need to know steps associated with dealing with distressed properties. Attorneys/bank’s general counsel, anyone who owns a note where real or personal property is collateral.

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