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Hampton Inn Peachtree City

Property Type: Hotel

Location: Atlanta Metropolitan

# of Rooms: 60


Trigild was appointed manager for a 60-room, select service facility accommodating business and leisure travelers. The property had a number of problems that contributed to lost revenue and had the potential to subsequently lead to devaluation:

  • Hampton license was in default for: Non-payment of Fees, Quality Assurance Default, and Guest Service Score Manipulation. Termination was imminent.
  • Deferred capital and maintenance left: primary signage dark, life safety liability exposure, and un-rentable areas due to failed HVAC units.
  • New competition had eroded market share.
  • Poor revenue management resulted in unnecessary loss of revenue.
  • No staff training certification existed.
  • Lack of sales efforts left local potential corporate accounts untapped.
  • Internet distribution channel management was non-existent.
  • Unpaid vendors, lack of linens, and missed payroll for associates.
  • Negative cash flow from operations.


  • Trigild was approved as a preferred operator of Hampton Inns for Hilton Hotels and negotiated the extension of the termination date
  • Trigild implemented a customized guest service training to resolve guest issues
  • Disciplined cost and labor management controls were implemented to meet industry standard benchmarks
  • Trigild provided training and certification in professional revenue management and inventory management techniques to appropriate staff
  • A Life and Safety Issues Survey was conducted and resulted in the repair of Fire alarm panels and extinguishers servicing


  • License secured and Trigild approved to operate through receivership period
  • Guest service scores reversed and improved scoring in the top 20% of the brand.
  • Improved cost and labor control which lead to positive cash flow in 45 days
  • Landed four new corporate accounts in the first 30 days
  • Quality assurance failure was reversed to a successful passing score due to excellent cleanliness, maintenance and service training.
  • HVAC repairs returned guest rooms to sellable inventory.
  • Focused sales efforts, improved revenue management and enhanced Internet Channel Management increased revenue stream.
  • Improved revenue stream and excellent cost and labor control allowed positive cash flow to be attained in 45 days.
  • Market share recovered as indicated by Index Performance – Occupancy 129.3% / ADR 114.8% / REVPAR 148.5% Rank #1 in all indexes