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Joshua Villas


Joshua Villas Apartments, located at 3985 E. Cheyenne Ave. in Las Vegas, Nev., is nestled in a garden setting atmosphere close to shopping, restaurants and easy freeway access. The beautiful complex was built in 1999 and offers 176 one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments, ranging from 520 to 895 square feet, with a portion restricted under Section 42 housing regulations.


While this property was relatively new in age, it was experiencing several major issues that presented life safety concerns. A severe mold infestation had gripped the property which not only posed resident health concerns but always impacted the financial health of the property. Additionally, lighting of public areas was poor and there were numerous trip hazards present on site. Concurrently, the property’s ‘no pet policy’ was not being enforced and there were animals roaming the common areas freely. Vacant units were not being properly prepared for turn-over and required extensive work prior to being remarketed. Lastly, the parking lot was not stripped at all, causing traffic flow and insurance issues.


Trigild began its takeover by evaluating the mold situation and mitigating its spread to inhabited units. Additionally, Trigild immediately began enforcing the no-pet policy and installed safety lighting to enhance public area visibility and mitigate trip hazards. Finally, Trigild began renovating vacant units so they could be marketed and also brought on a contractor to stripe the parking lot.