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Office Building – Los Angeles, CA

Property Type: Office

Location: Los Angeles, CA

SF: 126,000 sf

Value Created: $4.2M in overall value


Trigild was appointed Receiver over a 126,000 sf office building in Los Angeles, California. The Property had a hostile debtor with a litigious history, occupying a significant portion of the building.   This defendant also controlled the parking through a long term lease with an affiliated entity, which effectively siphoned the income off site.  In addition, the lease documents and accounting were substantially below industry standard.


In order to maximize value and position for the receiver sale, Trigild undertook the following:

  • Evicted the defendant who was paying below market rates, increasing annual gross potential rent by $180,000
  • Terminated the parking lease with the debtor affiliated entity, which increased the pro forma parking income 150% and the building value by approximately $2,200,000
  • Analyzed all leases, renewed upcoming expirations at market or above and eliminated existing hand shake agreements
  • Created industry standard accounting records for due diligence file


  • Closed the $35.5 million receiver sale over borrower objections, while pricing recommendations from three national brokerage firms ranging from $27-34.25 million
  • Negotiated a $1,800,000 increase over the broker “Best and Final” process
  • Identified and rejected debtor related offers intended to disrupt the sale
  • Negotiated the removal of buyer contingencies totaling $750,000
  • Overcame debtor legal appeal to close the sale on-time for 1031 Exchange Buyer