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Success Stories

Radisson San Jose

Property Type: Hotel

Location: San Jose, CA

# of Rooms: 196


Trigild was appointed receiver and manager for a 196 room full service hotel with 6,000 square feet of meeting space, a Japanese restaurant, and bar near the San Jose Airport.  Trigild initially found technology capital improvements were needed.  There were also vast shortages of  linens, guest supplies and kitchen inventories at the property.  Radisson Quality Inspection was conducted with an overall score of 80%, barely passing, while only scoring 73% for meeting brand standards. Subsequently, the franchise demanded a PIP of  $3 million in improvements. Lastly, no prior financial reports or budget left on property.


  • Completed mandatory health department kitchen upgrades and ADA compliance analysis
  • Established weekly department meetings
  • Standardized accounting, communication protocols and housekeeping department ordering and staffing procedures
  • Established quarterly safety meetings, completed the California Health Code pool drain requirements
  • Brought linen inventory up to par for sustainability improvement
  • Hired a Sales & Catering Manager to improve performance in the Food & Beverage department
  • Performed a Property Improvement Plan to determine necessary upgrades for brand compliance


  • Ranked in the top 10 in SPI (Service Performance Index) for western region Radisson Hotels
  • Increased RevPAR 162% from January 2010 to December 2012 exceeding the market in year over year STR index growth.
  • Achieved a 32% GOP Year-to-Date, October, 2012 which is on track for continued improvement.
  • Increased RevPar in 2011 by 24% over 2010 figures and current YTD RevPar 2012 is up by 21%.
  • Upgraded 10 guest rooms to Radisson standards for Business Class room types.
  • High speed guest internet improved from 3 megabits bandwidth to 32 megabit bandwidth
  • Property Improvement Plan upgrades included 37” flat screen TV’s, new bedding along with back office technology upgrades and restaurant, lounge, fitness center, pool and meeting space renovations.