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Asset Management, Advisory and Consulting Services

Utilizing our vast resources and national infrastructure, Trigild’s seasoned staff provides a full range of professional asset management services – from detailed financial analysis to in-depth monthly reports – all concentrating on maximizing value and driving bottom line results.

Our extensive services ensure all capital projects are completed on time and within budget.

Asset Management

With extensive experience in asset management, investment, ownership, operations and property management, Trigild is perfectly suited to represent owners/investors interests as an asset manager. Our goal is to maximize cash flow and improve market position – and we approach each asset from the owner’s perspective, ensuring optimum return.

As an asset manager, we ensure the owners/investors objectives are met by:

  • Ongoing communication and reporting
  • Driving financial performance and efficiencies
  • Monitoring property management operations
  • Contract compliance
  • Brand relationship management
  • Revenue management
  • Sales and marketing strategies
  • Benchmarking / Competitive Analysis / Trend analysis
  • Establishing KPI’s
  • Risk Management / Mitigation
  • Turnaround strategies
  • Acquisition / Disposition
  • Capital Expenditure Planning
  • Property Inspections

In addition, we:

  • Perform annual strategic review, comparing the asset’s expected performance to ownership’s investment objectives
  • Develop and assist with implementation of short term, intermediate, and long term strategies to improve the value of the asset
  • Review industry trends that may impact the asset
  • Financial analysis: track performance, Forecasts and Financial Statements
  • Monthly reviews with Executive Management Staff regarding performance improvement strategies
  • Identify and resolve potential and existing life safety, legal or physical deficiency items-Health Codes, Access for Disabled
  • Review purchase requests for compliance with capital budget and assure all capital projects are completed on time and within budget
  • Track new properties being considered for development

Trigild also has close ties to leading brokers, investors, lenders, special servicers, independent consultants and more. Through these industry relationships, we are adept at facilitating and sponsoring unique value-add deals — especially off-market acquisitions resulting in faster, more cost-effective transactions. Our capabilities include:

  • Property Pro Forma Development
  • Financial Underwriting and Modeling
  • Debt and Equity Sourcing
  • Joint Venture, Co-Invest Structure
  • Market Feasibility
  • PSA Negotiation
  • Executing Capital Investment Plan
  • Custom Reporting to Institutional standards