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Asset Management, Advisory and Consulting

Utilizing our vast resources and national infrastructure, Trigild’s seasoned staff provides a complete range of professional asset management services –- from detailed financial analysis to in-depth monthly reviews — all concentrating on maximizing value and driving bottom line results. Specific asset management services include:

  • Perform annual strategic review, comparing the hotel’s expected performance to ownership’s investment objectives
  • Communicate ownership expectations to property management
  • Develop and assist with implementation of short-term, intermediate, and long-term strategies to improve the value of the asset
  • Review industry trends that may impact the asset
  • Financial analysis: track performance, ongoing review of STAR, Forecasts, Revenue Management data, and Financial Statements
  • Monthly reviews with Executive Management Staff regarding performance improvement strategies
  • Identify and resolve potential and existing life safety, legal or physical deficiency items-Health Codes, Access for Disabled
  • Review purchase requests for compliance with capital budget and assure all capital projects are completed on time and within budget
  • Determine appropriate franchise affiliation for property