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Receivership Services (State & Federal)

For decades now, Trigild’s seasoned and savvy receivership services team has been devising long-term solutions and sound strategies that maximize financial performance. Our in-house professional receivership staff – among them attorneys, paralegals, CPAs, MBAs, and real estate brokers – has taken on every conceivable challenge and issue related to receivership law, including the sale of over 250 properties directly from the receivership estate.

With a unique combination of receivership, management and disposition services, our in-house team gets the job done efficiently and effectively, and generating the highest possible recovery.

The types of receivership roles that Trigild handles include:

  • Rents and Profits
  • Equity/General Assets/Operating Company
  • Regulatory
  • Post-Judgment
  • Partition Referee
  • Marital Dissolution for High Net Worth
  • Code violations and environmental remediation