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Aaron Kudla

Senior Legal Counsel

Aaron J. Kudla, Senior Legal Counsel, is an essential part of Trigild’s legal team, handling court-ordered receivership and bankruptcy trustee appointments. Additionally, he provides legal, forensic accounting, real estate and taxation advice for Trigild, including a current bankruptcy liquidating trustee appointment over a $1.6 billion real estate portfolio that includes more than 100 companies with equity and/or management interests in 45 commercial and multi-family properties located throughout the country.

Additionally, Kudla handles complex real estate Ponzi schemes, lender fraud, embezzlement, valuation, money laundering and other fraud cases.  He has advised clients dealing with Ponzi schemes involving fraudulent mortgages sold to investors for commercial real estate, fraudulent ownership of development companies building multiple residential housing projects, and fraudulent sale and leasing of ATM machines.

He also handles complex real estate transactional matters and operational services for businesses in banking, finance, medical, liquor distributors and retailers, restaurants, shopping centers, agriculture, dairy, auto dealerships and many other industries.

A California licensed attorney, certified public accountant and licensed real estate broker.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from California State University Fullerton, a J.D., with a concentration in intellectual property, telecommunications and technology regulation from California Western School of Law, and associate’s degrees in accounting and real estate from Palomar College.

Email: Aaron.Kudla@trigild.com

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