Bankruptcy / Receivership
Forensic Accounting Services

Trigild’s operating and technology platform, paired with its experienced multidisciplinary team of accountants and legal professionals are able to efficiently scrutinize vast amounts of financial information to identify irregular data and anomalous trends that indicate questionable activity.

Our team has conducted forensic accounting analyses related to Ponzi schemes, family disputes, embezzlement, marital dissolution, and other instances in which the value of a property, business, or estate could be impacted by suspicious activity.

  • Audit Financial Records
  • Complete trend analysis to identify abnormal changes in expense and income categories
  • Create a variance report of what actually transpired versus what was reported in order to identify potential losses and fraudulent activity
  • Investigate proprietary and economic results of property transfers (cash or other assets)
  • Analyze the substance of financial transactions relating to ownership equity, write-offs, bad debt and intercompany transactions
  • Audit cash disbursements and accounts payable to validate the propriety of expense and disbursement of funds
  • Audit income receivables and cash receipts to verify the collection and recording of cash
  • Investigate any and all related-party transactions
  • Review tax returns to assist in identifying all assets and ownership interests
  • Maintain appropriate books and records for continued management
  • Propose recovery strategy
  • Implement recovery strategy